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Hastings Adventure Golf, Hastings Old Town Seafront, TN34 3AJ

The Pirate Golf course is not for those of a nervous disposition. As players make their way around the course, the main event is a set – piece battle between two pirate ships, the ‘Lacey - Ann’ and the ‘Sally Jo’, with cannon fire, explosions and splashes as the cannon balls land perilously close to the players and spray water over them. Further on, there is even a giant talking skull that has a nasty habit of eating your golf ball. The 18 hole course also features some new obstacles for players who like a bit of a challenge. Some of the holes are raised ‘volcano’ style, some on plateaus where it is all too easy to overshoot and see your ball roll down the other side. There are several water features to negotiate as well, along with tunnels, ramps and banked curves.


Have a swashbuckling time on our Pirate course!